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“The C4 Newsletter” has been selected by a panel of judges to receive the third-place ANA Outstanding Specialty Club Publication Award.

The C4 Newsletter's long time editor is Syd Martin.

American Numismatic Association

World's Fair of Money

Rosemont, IL

August 11th - 15th, 2015

Donald Stephens Convention Center

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C4 Meeting
Friday Aug. 14th, 3:00pm
Room 44
Everyone is Welcome !


Aug. 11th, Noon
Numismatic Talk

Larry Gaye, Numismatist and Portland Oregon area C4 member will be giving a talk entitled, “The Otis B. Wright Collection of Washingtonia and Early U.S. Political Medals in the Portland Art Museum”. This is an exceptional collection of material donated to PAM in 1913. Dr. Wight was a physician and early pioneer of the use of X Ray's in medicine. He was a director of PAM prior to the donation of his collection to the museum.

Larry has been able to photograph and document most of the material in the collection. This Money Talks presentation will take place on August 11, at noon on the opening day of the show !

Early American Copper Convention

Charlotte, NC

April 7th - April 10th, 2016

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